It’s all about Life. Chai Club is just that. A club house with a cozy spot to give Tzedakah.

At Chabad, we work hard to be there for you.  So please, join the club and consider sponsoring a myriad of sponsorship opportunities.

Monthly Club House Sponsorships – Any denomination of $18.00 will infuse life and vitality into building a lasting, vibrant Jewish community.

Friday Night Live – $360.00 will include a 4 course gourmet gala dinner at Chabad with family and friends of your choice!

Shabbos Kiddush Luncheon Sponsorship  – $200.00 will include a delicious wining and dining,  heimish  Shabbos experience.

L’Chayim Club – $5000.00 will include a seasonal personal meeting in your home with the Rabbi. Choose a topic to discuss and learn or simply schmooze and enjoy a l’chayim!

Click here to join the Club!